Viking Law can assist you and your business by drafting and negotiating a whole range of types of contracts and deals, counseling you on how best to protect your business, creating a customized packet of contract templates and/or company policies that address the specific concerns, risks and priorities of your business.

If you are in the technology space, imagine if your lawyer can speak your language and work with your technology team to draft tailored documents such as SLAs or data protection policies. Tailored legal partnerships can have a real impact on your business.

Viking Law can also help make sure your rights are protected and enforced, and provide intellectual property consulting and registration services by writing letters, conducting legal research and mediating conflicts.

All these services can be delivered on an hourly basis, so you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Viking Law doesn’t have to pay for lots of firm overhead expenses, and the savings come straight to you with a reasonable hourly rate.

Viking Law looks forward to working with you on tasks big and small, whenever you need it.

Business Formation Documents

Business Agreements:
Licenses (IP, Tech, Software and other)
Development Agreements
Services Agreements
Independent Contractor Agreements
Employee Agreements
Partnership Agreements
Content Agreements
Acquisition Agreements
Transfer Agreements

Mergers & Acquisitions
Asset Sales
Stock Purchases

Intellectual Property:

Web Site Terms
Privacy Policy
Mobile App Terms and Privacy Policy
Data Protection Policy
Social Media Policy
Open Source Policy

Legal Letters
Breach of Contract
Payment Default
IP Infringement



Have an amazing start up idea that you are ready for the world to experience? Give your idea a boost by starting off with a solid legal basis. After an initial consultation to discuss your business idea, your plan, and your current status, Viking Law will handle the incorporation of your new business in OR, NY or DE, and apply for trademark protection for your business or brand. Together with Viking Law, you will identify contracts that are most important to your new business. Viking Law will create specifically tailored draft contract templates and will walk you through each of them, so that you understand what they mean and how they protect you. Includes a one month subscription of the System Maintenance package.

Partner up with Viking Law from the very start, so that you understand the legal environment surrounding your business, be aware of potential risks and have a solid foundation to your business.

5 Custom Contracts
2 Hours of Legal Counseling
1 Month of System Maintenance



Business owners are often busy keeping up with the day to day operations, and wake up a few years after launching to realize that they are using outdated contracts, boilerplate terms and conditions, and need policies to support growing operations, additional staff or evolving technology. See for yourself what a targeted customization of contracts and policies can do for you. Viking Law will get to the heart of your business and help identify potential legal risks. With Reboot, Viking Law will clean up and customize your most frequently used contracts and, if appropriate, draft company policies for privacy or data protection.

Growth is wonderful, but also creates new legal challenges and can also expose you to more risk – don’t wait until it’s too late to get a legal review!

Legal Deep Dive
Contract Drafting or Revision for up to 8 Contracts, Web Terms,
2 Customized Company Policies (Privacy, Social Media, etc.)
1 Month of System Maintenance



This monthly plan ensures that you have a legal resource who knows your business – someone you can call upon to answer those small “sanity check” questions and/or help out when legal needs arise, whether it’s the prospect of an exciting new deal or managing a payment-challenged client. As part of System Maintenance, you’ll get email support for quick questions, quarterly update calls, 4 letters over the course of the year, as well as a discounted hourly rate for other services.

INCLUDES (for each calendar year):
Unlimited Email Support for Quick Questions
1 Hourly Call each Calendar Quarter
4 Letters Drafted on Law Firm Letterhead
Discounted Hourly Rate

$300 a month


Not ready for commitment, but craving some legal information? Sometimes you are just looking to talk through some ideas or issues. Viking Law understands that there is often a backlog of concerns or ideas that could benefit from a legal perspective. Viking Law offers 1 or 2 hour dedicated counseling sessions to discuss what’s on your mind. To make sure you get the most of your time – you’ll fill out a form in advance to get the background information before we meet – so that the session can be as tailored, productive and informative as possible.

First Time Client – $150 for an hour session, $250 for a two hour session
All Other Clients – $250 for an hour session, $425 for a two hour session